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Was ist der Industrie computer?

An industrial computer is a computer that controls equipment in the industry. It is a general term for tools for detecting and controlling electromechanical equipment in the production process. The internal similarity of an industrial computer and an ordinary computer is relatively high, such as the computer's CPU Hard disk memory and interface, etc., the products and technology of the industrial control industry are quite special in comparison with the ordinary industry. This is an intermediate product, which is an industrial computer that is reliable enough for various industries to meet the embedded requirements!

The characteristics of industrial computer

In general, industrial computers are computers specially designed for industrial sites, and industrial sites usually have strong vibrations, particularly dust, and high electromagnetic field interference. What's more, factories operate continuously, that is, for one year with no stopping. Therefore, the industrial computer has the following characteristics compared with ordinary computers:

1. The chassis is made of steel structure, which has high anti-magnetic, dust-proof and impact-proof capabilities.

2. There is a dedicated backplane in the chassis, and there are PCI and ISA slots on the backplane.

3. There is a special power supply in the chassis, and the power supply has a strong anti-interference ability.

4. It requires the ability to work continuously for a long time.

5. Generally, it used a standard chassis that is easy to install ( 4U standard chassis is common)

Ps: Except for the above features, the rest are the same. Besides, due to the above professional characteristics, the price of an industrial computer with the same level is higher than that of an ordinary computer, but it is generally not much.

Although industrial personal computers have unique advantages compared with ordinary commercial computers, their disadvantages are also very obvious - poor data processing capabilities, as follows:

The disadvantages of industrial computers

1. Low capacity of the configured hard disk;

2. Low data security;

3. Small storage options;

4. High price.

Touch Tablet PC vs. Ordinary Industrial Computer

With the performance of commercial machines getting better and better, many industrial sites have begun to adopt lower-cost commercial machines, and the commercial machine market has also undergone tremendous changes. People have begun to prefer more humane touch panel computers. Therefore, in the industrial field, the tablet computer with touch function will be the future trend. The industrial touch panel computer is also a kind of industrial computer. Compared with the ordinary industrial computer, the industrial tablet PC such as rugged tablet windows 10 has the following points of advantages.

1. The front panel of the industrial touch panel computer is mostly made of aluminium-magnesium alloy die-casting, and the front panel reaches the protection level NEMAIP65. It is sturdy, durable, and lightweight.

2. The industrial touch panel computer is an all-in-one machine, and the host, liquid crystal display, and touch screen are integrated, and the stability is relatively good.

3. It adopts the popular touch function that can simplify work. At the same time, work can be more convenient and more humanized.

4. The industrial touch panel computer is small in size and easy to install and maintain.

5. Most industrial touch panel PCs adopt a fanless design and use a large-area fin-shaped aluminium block to dissipate heat, which has lower power and lower noise.

6. Beautiful appearance and wide application.

Industrial computers and commercial computers have always been complementary and inseparable. They have their application areas, but they influence and promote each other, reflecting the advancement of technology in industrial touch panel computers. At present, the better ones are Taiwan's ADVANTECH and domestic DLLJSJ.

Industrial computer application field

IPC has been widely used in all aspects of industry and people's lives.

For example, control site, road and bridge control toll collection system, medical equipment, environmental protection monitoring, communication guarantee, intelligent traffic control system, building monitoring security, voice call center, queuing machine, POS counter cash register, CNC machine tool, fuel dispenser, financial information processing, Petrochemical data collection and processing, field-portable operations, environmental protection, electricity, railways, highways, subways, smart buildings, outdoor advertising, etc.

The above content is the relevant information of the industrial control computer. The advantages and disadvantages of some industrial control computers are specifically introduced above. I believe that friends who have read this blog must have a detailed idea of what an industrial control computer is.

Where is the core competitiveness of industrial computers in the future?

With the continuous development of industrial automation, industrial computers conform to market demands and have been constantly undergoing advanced upgrades at multiple levels. In terms of technology, the advance in computer technology, communication technology, microelectronics technology, and control technology have created a good technical environment for the development of the industrial computer market. In application, the field of industrial computer is more and more widely used. In the beginning, the industrial computer was only used in the measurement, control, management, and other aspects of the industrial production process. Till now, the scope of application is not only limited to industry. It has already blossomed in self-service terminals, medical equipment, industrial control, automation equipment, telecommunications, electricity, networks, and other fields, and continues to expand to emerging industries such as the Internet of Things, robotics, and AI.

Under the technology and application market, the development of industrial computers is slowly entering an accelerated period. With the continued prominence of the value of industrial computers and the continuous improvement of industry development needs, the industrial computer market will also have more innovations in the different dimensions of technology and demands. It continues to broaden the boundary of the industry among many positive catalysts and adopts core technology to meet the market.

It requires that industrial computer R&D manufacturers should do the best in the following:

1. Industrial computer product solutions are required to use more integrated technical solutions. In intelligent upgrading, in addition to the intelligent and automated performance of intelligent equipment, the more important thing is the collection, sorting, and communication of information. In the future, the industrial computer will not only meet the automatic production control but also need to apply and process information.

2. It is necessary to take the industrial computer as the core and combine information technology in computing and storage to provide industry-oriented and complete intelligent manufacturing system solutions. This is one of the key development directions of the industrial computer in the future.

Besides, with the continuous expansion of industrial computer applications, the disparity in the required requirements between various industries has also expanded, and standard industrial computers nearly can't meet all existing needs. Therefore, for different industries, differentiated core competitiveness has become one of the footholds of market share. In this case, customized and specialized industrial computers such as Emdoor's ruggedized computer will also become another direction of future development.

In the future, industrial computers will be more interactive and operable. It will integrate multiple information systems to form a more open and standardized platform. At the same time, the continuous deepening of industrial informatization will further promote the market demand for industrial computers. The industrial computer will provide important technical support for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Besides, it will play an important role in many fields.

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