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Der überraschende EM-T60 robuste Handheld, der für die Arbeit gebaut wird


On April 15, 2021, I was born in the R&D center of Emdoor Information, No. 83 Dabao Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen. They all call me EM-T60 rugged handheld. Looking back on every process I have experienced these days, summing up everyone’s praise and doubts about me, as if I have been frozen into a high-value image. Of course I am very happy to be recognized because of my beauty, but in fact, behind this image is my strong personality of pursuing perfection and rigor in work.

I ‘m a simple device


I have a streamlined figure that fits the user's palm. Lightweight, you can easily operate me with one hand. Equipped with symmetrical scanning buttons, both left and right hands can do it. The unified port design avoids cumbersomeness.

“Go back to minimalism, taking efficiency to next level” this is my faith.


I am interested in all new things. What impressed me the most was the courier guy who walked around the company. They were in a hurry and focused on the delivery of express . This work looks cumbersome and boring.

With my help, their work will be much more efficient. I can not only be used in the receiving and delivery of users, but also can effectively control the picking, inventory, and allocation operations in the warehouses of various express delivery points, and help express companies to achieve perfect warehousing and logistics management.

I am very persistent


The 5000mAh large-capacity battery gives me continuous energy, which can meet the basic work needs of a day. The 2.0GHz octa-core strong core has given me a steady stream of power, enough to control the tedious tasks and processes. 4GB of running memory gives me a smooth operating experience and can effectively avoid the occurrence of stuck problems during work. All of this has created my persistent character.


The national manufacturing industry is large in scale. In manufacturing enterprises with high technical content, workers need to have certain professional skills and experience. This has created a situation of difficulty in recruiting workers, and the transition from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" just happens Can reverse this situation. As a smart terminal with IoT technology, I can naturally gain a place at the time of industrial transformation. Not only can I scan the incoming materials or products according to the fixed operating procedures, quickly record data, verify the accuracy of materials, and deal with abnormal nodes to make it simple, but I can also continuously and stably output, and continue to line without jams. Own persistence continues to empower the stable output of the production line.

I’m so smart


I have a 5.7-inch ips display, which provides a wide field of view and highly sensitive touch. The interface based on Android 10 system provides diverse software support. Comprehensive network coverage capabilities bring stable user experience.


I have been to the convenience store downstairs of the company. Thousands of products are placed on the shelves, so it is difficult to manage. If want to stand in the retail industry for a long time and become a new retail format with a considerable scale effect, the use of technology is the most effective way.  I dare say I am their best choice. I can collect product information accurately, quickly, and in real time, and perform comprehensive monitoring and management of products based on intelligent guidance. While liberating the labor force, I can also predict and track the needs of customers.

I’m stable and reliable


My industrial protection grade is up to IP67, even in harsh environments such as dust, salt spray, water splash, etc., it can still be used normally.

I am resistant to falls, and it is not a problem to fall from the 1.2m composite wood floor.


Before I was born, I had taken harsh exams, experienced the impact of the water column, the shaking of the drum, and the experience of high and low temperatures.

There are many unfriendly working environments and places, such as fresh food e-commerce, cold chain logistics, electricity meter reading, etc. I can always maintain stable operation, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve management. With me, all problems can be solved.

In the days to come, I am willing to accompany every ordinary post to create extraordinary.

EM-T60- one of the windows rugged devices with standout performance whether outside and inside.

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