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Highlight | Schroffe Live-Show der ET-Serie

On August 10, the online launch of the new ET series of Emdoor Information Rugged Handheld was held in the form of live broadcast. This is a first online show of our products, and it is a brand new attempt.


This live broadcast brings together brands, distributors, and potential customers from all over the country. In addition to new products, there are also a series of online interactions and surprise benefits. Cumulatively watched nearly a thousand people.

If you missed the live show, it does not matter, this article will take you to review the products and highlights of this event.


Full keyboard model EM-T40

图3.jpgEM-T40 is the only full keyboard product at this conference, which redefines the classic design concept of full keyboard and highlights the ingenious experience pursuit of operating feel.

In terms of appearance design, the EM-T40 is a 4-inch IPS high-definition screen handheld with a small size of 162.4×72.8×19.4mm and a 26-key full keyboard. It has symmetrical scan keys, Type-C USB unified interface, and one 4500mAh removable battery.

EM-T40 is based on a MediaTek 2.0GHz octa-core processor and Android 11 operating system. It provides 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM storage. Equipped with a 13MP rear camera and supports multi-function NFC, 4G full Netcom, and dual-band Wi-Fi 5 network.

Classic upgrade model EM-T50


EM-T50 is an upgraded model, upgraded configuration on the basis of EM-T52. It is the high-end version.(EM-T52 is the classic handset of Emdoor Information, which has been discontinued)

In appearance, there is not much difference from EM-T52. EM-T50 has a small size of 157.4×74.6×24.2mm and a 5-inch IPS high-definition screen. Equipped with custom function buttons, Micro USB data interface, and 4000mAh detachable battery. The only difference is that the single scan button has been upgraded to symmetrical double scan buttons.

Compared with EM-T52, the processor of EM-T50 is upgraded to MediaTek 2.0GHz octa-core, with Android 11 operating system and 4GB running memory, the camera is upgraded to 13 million pixels rear and 5 million pixels front and the wireless network is upgraded to dual-frequency Wi-Fi 5.

Ultra-thin model EM-T60


EM-T60 is a high-value, high-configuration, and cost-effective product. It is also the highlight of this event. With the purpose of simplicity and practicality, it provides users with a powerful and stable experience through high-end performance.

It adopts an integrated body design with a simple and elegant shape. The size is 159.4×77.7×16.3mm, and the 13.7mm slim body makes it the thinnest handheld in Emdoor Information's history. The screen is a 5.7-inch IPS HD large screen, as well as symmetrical double scan buttons and a Type-C USB unified interface, which brings very intuitive portability.

In terms of configuration, EM-T60 adopts a MediaTek 2.0GHz octa-core processor, running the Android 10 operating system. Equipped with 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM storage and 16 MP rear + 13 MP front camera. And also supports multi-function NFC, 4G full Netcom, and dual-band Wi-Fi 5 network.

Professional scanning tools

图6.jpgAmong the hardware configurations of the above three new rugged handheld terminals, the one that attracts the most attention is their integrated code scanning engine. They all use the industry’s mainstream two-dimensional scanning engines, including Honeywell N6703, Honeywell N3680, and Zebra SE4710. The maximum scanning speed can reach 60 frames per second, and the maximum scanning distance can reach 80 cm. They can accurately scan a variety of bar codes, including DPM codes.


In addition to their powerful scanning hardware , they also have excellent scanning software blessings. Integrated scanning APP, can also be based on the open scanning SDK for secondary software development. Multiple

code systems and functions are optional.

Comprehensive inside and outside

图8.jpgThis event demonstrated the strength of the above three rugged handheld  in the form of linkage short videos. After multiple tests such as impact, drop, high and low temperature, they have passed the high protection IP level, MIL-STD-810G U.S. military standard, and the European Union.

highlight-rugged-handheld-et-series-live-show-2.webpThese three ruggedized handheld terminals are also clearly positioned in application scenarios. The EM-T40 is mainly designed for scenarios such as warehouse infield WMS, production line MES, fixed asset inventory, and logistics transfer stations. EM-T50 is suitable for mobile nursing, public utilities, electricity meter reading, intelligent inspection, and other diversified scenarios application requirements. EM-T60 can continue to steadily receive delivery for express delivery, retail stores, Fresh food e-commerce, ticket management, and other scenarios.

This event not only allowed customers and users to intuitively reach new products but also made them feel the product technology and supporting advantages of Emdoor Information. It is the first online show of our products. We will also conduct overseas online live broadcasts around more new and old products shortly. Coming soon! Please expecting!

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