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Steigerung der Arbeits effizienz mit robusten EM-T195

By Jozy, Mareketing Specialiast

EM-T195 is a rugged tablet that combines portability and practicality. It is only 10.5mm thick, weighs just 650g, and is designed to meet the rigour of today's mobile workforce with a sleek, compact design for portability. The size advantage that it can be easily held with one hand provides maximum convenience for industry workers while eliminating the trouble of storage.

Excellent field performance

Incorporating enterprise-class performance into the thin and light form is the biggest highlight of the T195. It is equipped with a powerful MediaTek octa-core Dimensity processor that integrates 5G into the chip and is built using flagship-class 7nm technology. Its exceptional power efficiency enables T195 to keep up with the high-energy production rhythm of the manufacturing industry.  The new Android 11 OS enables T195 to run multiple production software at the same time without slowing down or overheating and brings good compatibility with inventory management systems such as ERP and WMS.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing IndustryManufacturing Industry

Efficient data collection

T195 built-in an ultra-small barcode scanner, which can quickly read various types of 1D/2D barcodes of paper, screen, and film quality. Its accurate and efficient recognition capabilities can assist store staff to quickly obtain product information at any time, and complete a large number of inventory operations of goods on shelves and back-end inventory.

Supermarketing Industry

Efficient data collection

Enhanced connectivity

A fast network that can transmit data stably both indoors and outdoors is essential for mobile devices. Compared with the commonly used 4G network, T195 supports Dual Mode 5G and Dual SIM 5G. Its unparalleled connectivity ensures that the goods sorters can obtain tasks in the WiFi blind spots of large warehouses. Supported by GPS/Galileo/GLONASS/BeiDou multi-navigation system and high-precision positioning Bluetooth 5.1, T195 has the ability to allow the warehouse manager to locate personnel and forklift locations in real time and conduct reasonable dispatch.

Warehouse Industry

10.1 inch Android 11 Media Tek Octa-core CPU Dual 5G EM-T195

Incredible practicality

The T195 tablet with a 10.1-inch FHD high-definition screen can provide accessibility in any area. Compared with smartphone screens, its broad reading is more suitable for factory inspectors to view safety checklists and inspection manuals. In addition, the T195's sensitive touch screen used to replace pen and paper recording and the front 5MP/rear 13MP high-definition camera for data collection can help inspectors reduce a lot of unnecessary paperwork.

Equipment Inspection

10.1 inch Android 11 Media Tek Octa-core CPU Dual 5G EM-T195

Reliable & Durable 

The T195 has a powerful 9500mAh battery that lasts for 10 hours and a PE+ fast charging function, which can easily cope with the peak use of store business during the holidays. Reaching IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating, the 1-meter drop-resistant sturdy body is sufficient to withstand the crises caused by accidental drops and water bottle spills in daily high-frequency use.

Smart retail Industry

10.1 inch Android 11 Media Tek Octa-core CPU Dual 5G EM-T195

All in all,  EM-T195 is a fully new model, new Look, new definition of rugged tablet!

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