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Klassisch bis zum Ende-5 ''robuster Handheld EM T50

What is the EM-T50 rugged handheld terminal?

The EM-T50 is a 5-inch rugged handheld terminal for retail, warehousing, manufacturing, and inspection applications.

What is the EM-T50 rugged handheld terminal

Features of EM-T50 rugged handheld PC

  • 1.22m drop-proof, IP65 protection level

The operating system has been upgraded to Android 11, equipped with MediaTek's eight-core processor, which has a nearly 40% performance improvement over its predecessor EM-T52. The rugged handheld PC supports dust-proof, drop-proof, and waterproofing, and the waterproof level has reached the IP5 standard. It can work normally at a temperature of -20 ~ 55 °C. It has also passed the 122cm drop test, 6 times/Min, 50-100 cycles Rolling test, the screen can withstand the impact test of a 64g steel ball at a height of 110cm.

Features of EM-T50 rugged handheld PC

  • 11.4H Long standby power

EM-T50 has long-lasting power, and its battery life is up to 11.4 hours under the test standard of playing 1080P video at the maximum backlight volume. With 4+64G of memory, the storage space is nearly doubled, and there are even more choices. 6+128G is another option.

11.4H Long standby power

  • 13MP+5MP, more clear

Equipped with 13 million high-pixel rear cameras, phase detection auto-focus technology, ultra-clear picture and video shooting, instant focus action, and 5 million pixels front-mounted, it is the leader of the high-definition images of handheld terminals.

Custom Function Keys

  • 0.8m scan distance, easier to operate

Using a brand-new two-dimensional scanning engine, it can achieve a collection speed of 60 frames per second and can read a reading range of 0.8 m. With a symmetrical code scanning button, it can work together.

Reliable work partner

  • Seamless roaming, connect everywhere

With the Wi-Fi 5, wider radio frequency bandwidth (standard 80/160MHz), faster transmission rate (standard 3.4/6.9Gbps), higher-order modulation technology (256-QAM), and MU- MIMO technology enables the EM-EM-T50 to send data to multiple other devices at the same time, helping to meet new WLAN usage scenarios. In addition, EM-EM-T50's Wi-Fi also supports AP seamless roaming. When you are in an AP network with the same name, you can pass through different places and shuttle among different AP points, and you can still never drop the line.

EM-T52 VS. EM-T50

The appearance was indeed similar. The body size is also the same as the EM-T52, except that the color of the buttons has changed. The color of the scan keys on both sides of the EM-T50 machine is no longer black but orange.

Em-T50 Rugged Handheld Terminal(EM-T50)

Why choose orange?

This is mainly because orange is a color with high visibility after red, and it is not as dazzling as red. Matching with black can serve as a reminder. I don’t know if you have noticed that orange is used in many industries. It is also for this reason.

Em-T50 Rugged Handheld Terminal(EM-T50)

With the same appearance, how about the performance between EM-T50 and EM-T52?

The new product EM-T50 provided by Emdoor, a professional rugged computer manufacturer, is equipped with an eight-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU. Compared with the previous generation EM-T52, the performance is increased by 40%, the highest frequency can reach 2.0GHz, and the Android 11 operating system is supported. This strength cannot be underestimated.

Compared with the 2GB+32GB storage space before the EM-T52, the EM-T50 has twice the storage space, 4GB running memory +64GB storage space, this is enough.

Not only the storage space, but the battery is also larger. The 4000mAh battery has a standby time of 3.5 hours longer than that of the EM-T52 and a battery life of up to 10.5 hours, giving you a steady flow of power throughout the day.

EM-T50 is equipped with 13 million pixels on the rear, 1/3.06" photosensitive area, and the rear supports phase detection autofocus (PDAF). The front high-performance CMOS image sensor chip, 5 million pixels, 1/5" photosensitive area. The shooting is real, you can see clearly, and the working is easier.

Above all, everyone has a new understanding of 5'' rugged handheld EM-T50. It looks like imitating but transcending, a new transformation based on inheriting the appearance of EM-T52.

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