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Wie finde ich einen Original hersteller oder Lieferanten der robusten Tablet-PCs?

by Jozy, Marketing Specialist

In the era of information explosion and interconnection of all things, we are still suffering from the loss of information asymmetry, which is really unacceptable. Actually, Businesses are more sensitive than you.

If they do not find the original manufacturer, they will face direct economic losses. If u want to find the original manufacturer, what should u do? In this post, There are two steps to find the original manufacturer of the rugged notebook. The first step is to search the "suspected" original manufacturers, and the second step is to confirm which is definitely the real original manufacturer or supplier.

  • How to Search OEM of Rugged PCs?

  • How to Check a real OEM?

  • Recommended Rugged PC Manufacturers

    How to Search OEM of Rugged PCs?

Search as many as possible

One way is to search the brand name to find the company to which the brand belongs. If you don't know any brands of rugged tablets, you can search for the "Top Ten Brands of xx Rugged Tablets/ Rugged PCs" through many platforms such as Google, Quora, and so on. Attention here. Remember that what u want is to get the brand name, it is unnecessary to click on the business's advertisement. It will save your time and effort a lot.

The other is to search for products by name on major supplier websites and purchasing websites, such as Alibaba, DirectIndustry, Global Sources, etc., just click on the detailed page of the product you are interested in, look through the store details, and find the supplier company behind it through the store introduction or inquiring customer service. No need for an inquiry, just search it. On these websites, you may learn about various nicknames and keywords of rugged products. Finally, directly take it, and collect more to help u find the true original factories.


Search in different ways

You can also find some companies in other ways, such as asking the upstream and downstream suppliers of the rugged tablet pcs, but it requires you to have a little command of the supply chain; or consulting the users of the rugged products, friends in the rugged industry, etc.; there is also a very accurate method, which is Go to the exhibition to find it. Many factories will go to the exhibition, especially some well-known annual exhibitions. You can check the list of exhibitors online or go directly to the site to find the original manufacturer.

How to Check a Real OEM?

Check it online

Generally, people are accustomed to browsing the company’s official website to see if the rugged tablet company introduces that there are factories or whether the website is standardized, so as to measure the company's scale and strength. It may make sense to some extent, but it doesn't uncertainly work. Because the website is made by the company itself, the information on it is what they want u to see.

We can measure the size and strength of the company by checking it on the company's official website, whether it is standardized from the website, the company history, and the team structure. It is also important to learn from the official website whether the rugged tablet pcs company has a factory or labs, and the relevant gallery, so as to help u better distinguish who are agents, and who are the original manufacturers.


Check it on third-party websites

A better way is to go to some websites of the industrial and commercial information, Wikipedia[1], or other third-party websites, to learn about the company's registration time, registered capital, employee size, and so on. Then check the business scope of this enterprise: whether it has the business license of "xx production". The manufacturer must have this license. In addition, you can also check the company’s intellectual property rights. Those with invention patents (note that they are not utility models rights and software copyrights) are most likely to be the original manufacturer.


Check it by phones

Find the contact way on the official website and call directly to ask. However, don’t be silly to ask: "Are you the original manufacturer? Are the products produced independently?"

It can be said: "I have a customized demand and I need to do customized R&D. Do you have professional technical personnel?" In this way, you can find out most of the agents, but there will still be some agents full of lies. Then u can say: I want to have field trips.

Check it by a field trips

At this time, you can make a request to visit the rugged tablet pcs manufacturer. Take a field trip to see if the name of the manufacturer is consistent with their shop name, brand name, and company name and whether the corporate legal person is the same person or related.

Recommended Rugged PC Manufacturers



Getac has been providing rugged computing solutions for demanding professionals in extreme environments. Getac was established as a joint venture with GE Aerospace to supply defense electronic products.


Emdoor, is a designer and manufacturer of rugged handhelds, tablets, notebooks, PCs, and vehicle mount computers, as well as a provider of customized hardware and software solutions. It is one of China's largest and most experienced providers of rugged computing systems and serves as ODM and OEM partner to many Tier One companies.

Emdoor excels at providing efficient industrial solutions in warehouse logistics, industrial automation, health care, petroleum exploration, outdoor mapping, automotive inspection, road enforcement, education, border patrol, retail services, self-service terminals, machine vision, smart home, intelligent transportation, and more.


In 2000, the company manufactured its first military-grade rugged laptop, followed by the introduction of the DURABOOK brand in 2002. The DURABOOK line quickly expanded to meet the demands of customers in a broad range of markets that require rugged mobile solutions.

Today, rugged Durabook devices have a loyal customer base around the globe, including most branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, public safety agencies, numerous field service organizations, as well as companies that specialize in oil & gas, logistics, healthcare, utilities, and automotive industries.

All in all, the above is the way of finding the original rugged computer manufacturer, and it still pays some time and effort. It always isn't an easy thing, you have to face all kinds of obstacles to find out which are agents and which is the original manufacturer. There is no doubt that "working with a method and logic" is more efficient and effective than "searching aimlessly." Persist in exploration and keep trying, a good result appears.



1 · Emdoor.Wikipedia. 26. Juni 2021.

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