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EM-I10U Tablet steigert die Produktivität in Zhanjiang Wharf

EM-I10U Tablet steigert die Produktivität in Zhanjiang Wharf


Der Handel zwischen den Ländern wird immer häufiger, auch die Warenströme am Terminal nehmen zu. Das schnelle Wachstum des Container durchsatzes hat den Betrieb von Zhanjiang Wharf unter beispiellosen Druck gesetzt. Um die Zirkulation geschwindigkeit von Hafen gütern zu verbessern und die Informa tisierung, Standard isierung und Automatisierung des Container transports zu realisieren, zhanjiang Wharf musste ein zuverlässiges elektronisches Gerät finden, das das Hafen managements ystem in einer feuchten, korrosiven und vibrations starken Arbeits umgebung bedienen kann, um die Hafen arbeit zu unterstützen.

EM-I10U Rugged Tablet PC


The loading and unloading of container transportation is a fast-paced operation. The inability to accurately locate the container and complete the order in a short period of time means inefficient operation and slow cargo flow. So as to improve the profitability of terminal operations, the shortest possible loading and unloading time, optimized terminal management, reliable container position monitoring, and increased loading have become the primary issues for the terminal to solve. For these goals, Zhanjiang Wharf has started to adopt a new container yard management system for planning container unloading and loading operations. The newly upgraded management system needs high-performance devices based on Windows 10 OS to provide seamless software compatibility. In addition, the operating environment of the marine container port is very challenging for the equipment, and the computer that can work without errors under the harsh weather conditions of the port is also very important. Ordinary computers are easily damaged when subjected to drops, impacts, extreme temperatures, dirt and general rough handling, resulting in forced slowdowns and interruptions in operations. Considering the critical role of computer stability in daily operations, Zhanjiang Wharf decided to look for rugged mobile computers that could provide reliable technology under the harsh conditions of the port.

EM-I10U Tablet Boosts Productivity in Zhanjiang Wharf Challenge


For finding an enterprise tablet with best-in-class robustness, Zhanjiang Wharf conducted a comprehensive test on the devices of different manufacturers. It not only studied the pressure resistance of the equipment in extreme environments but also checked its compatibility with the management system required by the enterprise. In the end, they chose  Emdoor's rugged tablet EM-I10U. The I10U  is an outstanding industrial-grade tablet which has strong performance and large capacity battery to meet the challenges of busy port operations and also equips a 10.1-inch display that is equally readable in sunlight or rain.

Zhanjiang Wharf deploys the I10U tablet computer loaded with the management system as a vehicle-mounted digital console to all container handling equipment including cranes, gantry cranes, and yard trailers. With a HD touchscreen, I10U provides operators and drivers with all the information they need for the job at all times with an intuitive user interface, including a graphical view of the field, upcoming moves and reprocessing counts for each job. Information interaction with the control center through simple touch input and retrieval of important data allows operators to maintain continuous contact with the control center. With excellent  WLAN technology, I10U enables operators to obtain job scheduling instructions in real time, and can dynamically update container location and loading and unloading status to the system background. And also enables managers to monitor logistics and workflow in order to allocate needed resources in a timely manner. Furthermore, the I10U provides powerful processing power for the port's busy operational challenges, ensuring port operations run smoothly day and night.

EM-I10U Tablet Boosts Productivity in Zhanjiang Wharf Solution


With IP65 protection and MIL-STD-810G certification, the I10U tablet is the ideal vehicle-mounted computer for container handling equipment. It is fully compliant for operators and technicians working outdoors, reliability that is not easily compromised by port environments full of risk factors such as fog, frost, stormy weather and saltwater exposure reduces the risk of costly downtime. In terms of high efficiency, the performance of the  I10U tablet also makes operators very satisfied. Benefit from the powerful functions of I10U rugged tablet, Zhanjiang  Wharf has obtained the ability to handle goods quickly. The I10U's highly compatible Window10 system and a  processor that can quickly perform complex tasks, accelerating the formation of automated unloading and loading operations at Zhanjiang port. The latest  WLAN, LTE and Bluetooth technologies on the I10U tablet provide excellent wireless connectivity and uninterrupted data transfer, helping simplify and improve data transfer between operators and the control center, while allowing the control center to monitor operators and timely adjust task instructions timely. Thanks to the sunlight-readable screen, the I10U  provides forklift operators with a clear pick list and operational task display, enabling them to complete tasks easily and quickly.  Elsewhere, the removable and durable battery of the I10U tablet can strong support for the 24-hour uninterrupted operation of the port.

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