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Intelligente Produktion verwirklichen? Was brauchen Sie, um sich darauf vor zubereiten?

A smart factory takes various modern technologies to realize factory office, management, and production automation, strengthen and standardize enterprise management, reduce work errors, plug various work loopholes, improve work efficiency, carry out safe production, provide a decisive reference, strengthen external contacts, and expand international market.

So, In which ways do we need to work together to finally realize industrial intelligent production?

Industrial specific equipment

 In terms of R&D and design, software companies are encouraged to develop intelligent R&D tool software and industrial design software, adapt co-construction and sharing mechanisms to build scientific and technological information databases, patent literature databases, and industrial design material libraries. Besides, They also need to Promote computer-aided engineering (CAE), industrial simulation, and other technologies, improve the automation and intelligence level of the R&D and design process, and further shorten the R&D and design cycle. As a rugged computer manufacturer, Emdoor can support auxiliary products for these companies.

 In terms of production and processing, software companies are encouraged to develop intelligent industrial control software and numerical control systems, promote intelligent control, industrial robots, rapid prototyping, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), network collaborative manufacturing, manufacturing execution systems (MES), and other technologies to improve production equipment And the intelligence level of the production line. They also need to use the Internet of Things technology to realize the supplied equipment for processing equipment, packaging equipment, and other factories.

 In terms of business management, software companies are encouraged to exploit intelligent management software, make integrated applications of enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems, apply Internet of Things technology to workshop management to realize intelligent production management. They also need to promote business intelligence (BI) systems, establish knowledge bases and knowledge management systems, and develop dashboard systems that assist decision-making. Through the statistical analysis, online processing, and data mining of various data in the business process, management decision-making can be achieved Intelligent. Like Emdoor's ruggedized computer, it can help to realize the intelligent management decision-making easily.

Convergence of industry and informatization

As far as the internal information integration application of the enterprise is concerned, the integration of R&D, design and manufacturing, production and management, production and sales, business and financial integration, head office, and branch companies are promoted by informatization to realize the production integration of contact and management with sales to improve the production and operation efficiency of enterprises, reduces costs and controls risks. In terms of the integration and application of informatization among enterprises, through informatization to promote industrial chain cooperation, industry leaders and auxiliary enterprises are encouraged to exchange some information, share design, inventory, logistics, and others. Improve collaboration efficiency, reduce total costs, and finally realize immediate production.

According to China's industrial and informatization integration plan: breakthroughs have been made in the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, information technology has been fully and effectively applied in the main areas and links of enterprise production, operation and management, and business process optimization reengineering and industrial chain collaboration capabilities Significant improvement has been achieved. Key backbone enterprises have realized the transition to comprehensive applications, and the R&D and design innovation capabilities, production intensification, and management modernization have been significantly improved; the application of information technology in the production service industry has been further deepened, and the integrated application of information technology has become the core competitiveness of enterprises Advantages. The innovation and development capabilities and service levels of the information industry that support the deep integration of the two technologies have been significantly improved, the application cost has been significantly reduced, and informatization has become an important feature of new industrialization.

build an intelligent equipment system

For the machinery and equipment industry, they develop high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment, including high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent industrial robots, and automated complete production lines, exploiting smart instruments, smart construction machinery, etc. Intelligent types of equipment such as Emdoor's rugged laptop computers are the deep integration of advanced manufacturing technology, information technology, and intelligent technology.

China focuses on promoting the development of advanced CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, automated production lines, intelligent control systems, precision, and intelligent instruments and test equipment, important basic components, components, and general components, and intelligent special equipment to realize the automation, intelligence, and precision of the production process and improve the overall technological level of the industry.

During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, the transformation and upgrading of key industries in the national economy, the cultivation of strategic emerging industries, the constraints of energy resources, and the environment have put forward higher requirements for the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry and provided a huge market space. In the next 5-10 years, China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry will usher in a period of important strategic opportunities for development.

In the future, through continuous efforts in the above three aspects, China will accelerate the construction of intelligent manufacturing systems, achieve high-efficiency and high-quality production, and finally achieve the goal of industrial upgrading. Finally, if you need to choose some industrial equipment, you can view the products in Emdoor Software.

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