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5G Android robustes Tablet halten mobile Mitarbeiter auf dem Laufenden

In today's increasingly connected world, mobile workers need data faster than ever. Up to 10 times faster than 4G and reducing latency by up to 90%, 5G, with its high-speed sub-second upload and download data capabilities, opens up important new prospects and makes buffering or lack of service in congested areas a thing of the past. For mobile workers performing critical tasks in the field, 5G's faster speeds and reliable connectivity will improve the efficiency of daily workflows and ensure they can collect field data to make informed timely decisions.


It is Emdoor's commitment to consumers to keep improving, innovating, and providing the latest technology to meet the needs of industrial workers. The introduction of advanced 5G communication technology into the 5g android rugged tablet EM-Q225M is the best evidence. The use of 5G modules allows the Q225M tablet to cover almost all mainstream operators over the world with 5G and LTE. Whether mobile workers in utilities, field service, manufacturing plants, or warehouses, they can all get near real-time information synchronization through the EM-Q225M's low-latency 5G.

Utilities and Field Services


Mobile workers in utility and field service have definite needs for wireless communications, as their work may involve performing service, inspection, or repair tasks in very remote locations. Unreliable connections and lost communication signals can prevent them from accessing product or asset information, technical specifications, and work instructions and communicating with companies and customers anytime, anywhere.And the EM-Q225M 5g android rugged tablet supported by the latest 5G signal has a highly available Internet connection to ensure that they can send and receive real-time status throughout the work process, and maintain timely communication with colleagues and customers.



The goods in a busy warehouse may change very frequently in a short period, making it difficult for the forklift to accurately track and locate the goods that need to be picked up. And with the layout full of obstacles and thick walls, 4G And WIFI can't play at their normal strength at all. The EM-Q225M 5g rugged tablet android integrated with 5G can solve these problems. It can provide ubiquitous and continuous signals for the entire warehouse space, permanent and accurate inventory and real-time location data for hundreds of thousands of items, and support for workers to quickly pick and handle orders.



More and more factories are beginning to use automation and data exchange technology to cope with the increasing business needs. All participants and components in the intelligent manufacturing process must be able to seamlessly cooperate and communicate with each other to improve the efficiency and flexibility of production. With a stable, secure, and fast network connection, the 5g android rugged tablet EM-Q225M brings the required wireless connectivity on the shop floor to demanding industrial equipment such as industrial controllers and actuators, while providing manufacturers with comprehensive insights into equipment performance.

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