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Wie wählt man ein PDA-Handheld-Terminal?

When choosing an industrial PDA handheld terminal, it is mainly selected according to its own needs: practical application, environmental conditions, capital budget, etc. The primary references are as follows:

1. Application industry

Taking a warehouse as an example, if a rugged handheld terminal is used in a large-scale three-dimensional warehouse, and the storage position of the items is high and far away from the operator, a handheld terminal with a significant scanning depth of field, along with reading distance and a high first reading rate should be selected. The requirements are not high for users of small and medium-sized warehouses, and some rugged handheld terminals with complete functions and easy operation can be selected. In addition, due to the high frequency of handheld terminals in warehouses, the purchased handheld terminals have to be of high quality and comfortable to hold.

How to choose a PDA handheld terminal application industry

2. Display effect and size

The higher resolution can support the software well, display the software operation interface in the best state, and the user experience has also been greatly improved. Proper brightness and contrast also protect the operator's eyesight. And right size can facilitate users' work efficiency.

3. Price

Industrial handheld terminals have different configurations and functions, and their prices vary greatly. When purchasing, pay attention to purchasing according to specific needs.

How to choose a PDA handheld terminal price

4. Interface requirements

The interface capability of the collector is the key consideration when selecting a rugged handheld terminal. Therefore, when purchasing, the user should first clarify the original system's operating environment and interface mode and then select a handheld terminal that adapts to the working environment and interface mode.

5. The first reading rate

The first read rate is a comprehensive indicator of the handheld terminal, which has a particular relationship with the printing quality of the barcode symbol, the design of the decoder, and the scanner's performance. The higher the first reading rate, the more working time is saved. At the same time, the higher the first reading rate, the higher the bit error rate. Therefore, when selecting a collector, users should purchase a handheld terminal that meets the system requirements according to their actual situation and conduct between the first reading rate and the bit error rate.

How to choose a PDA handheld terminal the first reading rate

6. Power configuration

About battery consumption, the smaller, the better. The battery is best to use a large-capacity battery.

7. Operating system

Now handheld terminal operating systems are divided into Android and Windows systems. The Android platform is famous for its openness and freedom, and customers can easily carry out secondary development on handheld terminals. Windows is more stable in operation. Two systems can be selected according to specific project needs. Of course, looking at the comprehensive needs of the market, the rugged handheld Android system is more favored by users.

How to choose a PDA handheld terminal operating system

8. Protection level

For an industrial product, a higher protection level can ensure stable product operation in harsh industrial environments without affecting work efficiency (take EM-T60 as an example, the protection level is IP67).

9. Pre-sales and after-sales service

Perfect pre-sale and after-sale services are necessary for choosing a handheld terminal manufacturer. Once the purchased handheld terminal has any technical or after-sales problems, a professional team will answer the questions and escort the purchased handheld terminal.

How to choose a PDA handheld terminal pre-sales and after-sales service

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